About Us


Our Philosophy

  • Sustainable food is delicious, nutritious and needs to be affordable.
  • Sustainable food should start with optimized food production to save our planet from the converging calamities of global food insecurity, ocean overfishing, ocean acidification, failing soil fertility, and climate change. 
  • Sustainable food must be produced in ways that heal our world and give hope to ourselves and our children. 

Waterfield Farms has unique goals of a large impact on food sustainability, and carbon sequestration as well as low cost organic food in the US, and in time, across much of the world. 

We believe that our unique approach will be a very disruptive force expanding organic food into conventional markets. We are commercially focused for-profit food company, but our products are much more than food. We are building a sustainable future for sustainable food.

Our System

Waterfield Farms Inc (WFI) grows organic fish, shrimp, herbs, and vegetables in an integrated ecosystem where the fish make fertilizer for the plants and shrimp, and the shrimp and plants help clean the water for the fish. Our system is energy and water efficient, recirculating 99.7% of our water, and producing carbon neutral to carbon negative food. 

Through our use of Grass Based Diets we can sequester more carbon in the ground than we emit in production as a key way to help stop and reverse climate change.

Waterfield Farms uses Integrated Aquaculture and Hydroponics, or an IAH system.  This integrated system is similar to an aquaponics system but produces aquaculture products in equal proportions to plants and is designed for large-scale operations to produce more affordable food and, in many cases, used to sell organic food at or below conventional prices.

The Waterfield Farms production system is designed from the ground up to accommodate and support the employment of peoples with disabilities. This includes specially designed crop handling equipment and other supports for increased accessibility and maneuverability.  Approximately one quarter of WFI's workers are people with disabilities.  This allows the employment of driven individuals who are traditionally underappreciated in our society.

Our Edge

The unique, market-proven combination of raising seafood and vegetables creates a sustainable and disruptive competitive agricultural enterprise that yields competitive fresh products for consumers and industry-beating margins and profitability for investors.

WFI's products are local, nutritious, produced 365 days a year, and ultra-fresh. We are farm-to-fork / tank-to-table in 8 hours or less from harvest. What is growing in WFI’s greenhouses in the morning can be in your local grocery store in the afternoon and eaten the same day for dinner.

We are now building a new a larger scale facility to provide locally-grown, ultra-fresh seafood, herbs, and vegetables to 50 million consumers in New York and New England regions through 3,000 retail supermarkets. Our new location dramatically cuts distribution costs while reducing cycle time to the consumer.